Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Craft Along: May to September Shawls.

Join in Here.

So I have an idea... more of a request for your help and support really.

I need to knit several shawls to showcase my yarns for the website. I really want to do it, but know that my heart really wants to knit sweaters this year... I don't even know why... that's just where my heart is!

I need your help to motivate me in to knitting these shawls... so would you like to craft along with me?

I'm hosting this over on the ravelry group.

  • Opens May 1st to September 30th 2015.
  • You need to make a shawl ( or several).... this can be knit, crochet, felt, woven. You don't need necessarily to finish it. There are no prizes, so this is more about the community.
  • You can cast on as many as you like and finish as many as you like.
  • Any pattern goes... even your own design.
  • Normally I would stipulate it being 'from wool', but if your budget buys you acrylic then that's fine by me... the aim is that we are joining in and having fun... and keeping me motivated.
  • Discuss as much pattern, fibre/yarn and equipment choice as you like... the inspiration will do us all some good.
  • I just ask that your post do not become too much of an advertisement for one brand... and I promise not to do the same about my stuff too (of course you can mention what your stuff is and where you got it).
So what are my plans?

You will notice on the website that so far I do have some knit samples for my yarns... as you can see below the variegated yarns page is full of ideas.
 The semi solid page for example is not yet full, so a shawl would be great...
I do have one started...

Pattern is Wave by Kristen Finlay
I need motivation to finish it!

I'll discuss my other choices over in the thread.

So come on over and join in... May to September Shawls.

Have a wonderful day... Sara x

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Monday, 20 April 2015

REVIEW: Austermann Step Sock Yarn

-     Fibre content: 75% wool, 25% polyamide
-     Yarn Meterage: 420 m /100 g
-     Needle Size: 2.5 - 3 mm                    

They say:
-     our prize-winning sock yarn
-     the original with extra care permanent aloe and jojoba treatment
-     cashmere-like, soft touch
-     get creative - knit pullovers and cardigans for big and small

Prices around £7.60-7.90

My Review: Austermann Step
I bought this particular skein from www.loveknitting.com (great service by the way), partly because of the colour name... Vulcan... Yes, Darrin and I are Star Trek fans! At the time of purchase I must admit that I missed the Aloe Vera treatment on the yarn... I just needed a new pair of socks on the needles for Darrin and preferably 'true stripes', not the faux fair isle stripes I had been knitting.

When the yarn arrived and I read the label, I remember being surprised and excited by the prospect of knitting with a new type of yarn. I remembered a pair of jeans I had once watched being engineered at a factory, where they were treating the denim with Aloe Vera... The crazy things you do in fashion! So as you can imagine I was fascinated to see how these might knit up.

The first thing I noticed during knitting was the softness of the yarn and the Aloe Vera. It makes for an incredibly nice knitting experience. One that I would love to repeat!

The stitches remained nice and defined during knitting and I loved that the stripes felt almost blended at the edges, rather than very separate block colours.

I'm giving this a thumbs up and am hoping to buy some again in the future.

Have you tried Austermann Step?

Have a wonderful day... Sara x

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